Indelibly Me
Indelibly Me
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An Idea

I think I’m just going to move to London.

That’s sensible, right?

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I know it’s really dumb…

But after today…

I don’t want to sleep.

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On a Very Fucking Serious Note

You really need to rethink your life if you ever make a rape victim feel responsible for their predator’s crime.

You are perpetuating their rape. You are driving nails into festering wounds. You are just as unloving as their rapist.

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I’m so close to doing something crazy with my hair… I’m either thinking:

1. A faded bowl-ish cut with a load of pastel colors working off a silver base. (This is super cute in my mind with sweaters and winter)

2. A retro cut with a navy blue hombre up into cotton candy pink. (This seems a little more summer to me)

3. Or the boring option of a nice cut with a rich variety of medium to dark browns. (But you only live once, right?)

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